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May - June 2024 Newsletter

May - June 2024

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From the ED's Desk

Spring has always been a time to refresh from the hard, cold days of winter in preparation for the hot days of summer. Spring cleaning is always a good idea. If you plan to clean and replace large items like furniture, please contact the City of Bolivar at 731-658-2020 to get a schedule for the bulk pickup. Do not put items for pickup on the street curb until you schedule the bulk pickup.  

Spring is also the time when various reptiles and rodents start becoming more active. One way the help minimize any unwanted activity around your apartment from snakes, mice and bugs is to keep the outside free of food waste and trash. Keep the trash in the trash can as best as possible. If the trash overfills, take the extra trash bags to the Hardeman County landfill or a designated trash reception center.  

Spring is also the time that Bolivar Housing Authority informs the residents when the annual inspections will begin. This spring the annual inspection will be conducted on Thursday May 9 and Friday May 10, 2024.

Please start preparing for the 2024 annual inspection by cleaning the apartment and reporting to the office any problems and/or repairs that need to be addressed. If you have any electrical, plumbing or other problems, please contact the office by calling 731-658-3419.

The annual inspection is not the HUD inspection which could be done later in the year or, not at all. Bolivar Housing Authority will give all resident at least a 7-10 day prior notice.

We are asking all residents to remove all furniture that is in front of a bedroom window with height above the window seal.  This is a serious fire safety violation. Beds and low height furniture are not a violation.   Please clean the bathrooms and kitchens. Stoves should be free of grease and refrigerators should be clean and organized. Also, remember, please do not use bleach. It can cause more problems than not. 

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Bolivar Housing Authority Annual Inspection to start Thursday and Friday, May 9-10, 2024.

All apartments will be inspected and Bolivar Housing Authority must have access to the unit.  Failure to allow access is a violation of the lease agreement and could be a cause for action.  

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Please keep the storm door unlocked whether you are in the unit or not.